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The Problem.

US$1 trillion

annual cost of anxiety and depression*

12 billion days lost to anxiety and depression annually*

*According to Deloitte’s Global Millennial Survey 2020

Everything from leadership style to the working environment can impact the health of your employees: whether that impact is positive or negative is a question every business must now ask itself; otherwise, the mental health pandemic is only going to get worse.

Safer & Supported Business Case.

Attracting & Retaining Talent

Taking visible action with Safer & Supported helps to nurture a genuine wellness culture, smash the stigma surrounding mental health, increase employee engagement and levels of loyalty, and draw the very best people to your door. 

Brand Enhancement

People are increasingly considering the implications of their purchasing power. An organisation’s attitudes to wellbeing and mental health are important indicators of its integrity and sincerity in embracing the whole community. Poor workplace mental health can lead to employee burnout and loss of talent – damaging your reputation and discouraging new business or new people from joining. 

High Return On Investment('ROI') & Cost Savings 

Aside from the obvious impact on the health of your people, businesses ought to consider that for every employee whose mental health needs are unsupported, the cost to the employer is £1,300 per year – while employers who proactively support workplace wellbeing can expect an average return of £6 for every £1 invested in employee mental health.

Our Safer & Supported rating assessment is designed to help organisations fully understand their risks when it comes to wellbeing, mental health and suicide prevention. This is also a great way to benchmark wellbeing strategies and initiatives. 

What Our Clients Say

“ASPIRE registered to review its employee wellbeing policies with Stigma Statistic's Safer & Supported scheme. We wanted to identify the gaps we currently have – not just in policies, but more importantly in our ways of working. 


We want to make sure our employees are working in a healthy and safe environment, and sometimes when you’re in it, it can be hard to see your own blind spots. Going through the process of the Safer & Supported assessment has allowed us to identify those blind spots, and provide meaningful actions to address these for our team.” 

Katie Lewis, COO, ASPIRE

What Do We Offer?

  • We evaluate your organisation on the following five areas:
  1. Leadership & Management
  2. Data & Communications
  3. Healthy Working Environment
  4. Healthy Lifestyle Management
  5. Mental Health Management & Support
  • We provide you with a report with a rating of 1 to 5 based on the results of the evaluation, identifying any recommendations for change.
  • We will support you through the assessment process with a dedicated team member.
Once you have received your Safer & Supported rating, you will become a member of the Safer & Supported community. This will give you access to the following benefits:
  • Community forums & surveys
  • Community events - including annual awards
  • Document library
  • Wellbeing & mental health content library
To arrange a Safer & Supported assessment, simply fill out the below form and we send you an assessment questionnaire in the first instance.

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